The Scouting Platform with Artificial Intelligence

SCOUTASTIC is the central platform for the planning and management of all scouting activities. Scouting reports are exclusively combined with all player data from and analyzed by artificial intelligence, taking scouting to a new level. Clubs from the German and Austrian Bundesliga, the Ligue 1, the Premier League, the Süper Lig and the Superliga in Denmark as well as in Serbia rely on SCOUTASTIC for their scouting.


Exclusive Transfermarkt Data Partner

Big Data is becoming increasingly important in football. provides one of the most important and largest databases in the football world. SCOUTASTIC holds the exclusive rights to the official data. The football information is used as the basis for the scouting software. This provides football scouts with all the important data about a player. In addition, SCOUTASTIC offers an API. Clubs that use SCOUTASTIC can thus legally and safely create further scouting analyses with the Transfermarkt data.

Exclusive Transfermarkt Data Partner

Big Data is becoming increasingly important in football. provides one of the most important and largest databases in the football world. SCOUTASTIC holds the exclusive rights to the official data. The football information is used as the basis for the scouting software. This provides football scouts with all the important data about a player. In addition, SCOUTASTIC offers an API. Clubs that use SCOUTASTIC can thus legally and safely create further scouting analyses with the Transfermarkt data.


Shadow Teams

Whole organization of shadow-teams is possible. Create lineups, use colors and duplicate players to display them in multiple positions.

Women's football

SCOUTASTIC and all its features can also be used for women’s teams. The data of the platform serves as a basis.

Academy Scouting

Discover tomorrow’s talent today. Not only the first team can use SCOUTASTIC, scouting can also be done for the academy.

Integrate data sources

Basic data is included, additional data sources can be flexibly connected and evaluated, including dynamic Internet content and social media data.

Data Security

Multi-level rights management, role concept and maximum data security: operation in the club’s data center or as software-as-a-service is possible.

AI report analysis

Latest NLU technology (BERT-based) for extracting, displaying and filtering relevant content from match reports, trained with the respective club jargon.

Team Management

Dynamic rostering, assignment of orders, ticket status, perimeter match search and evaluation of scouting assignments.

On any device

Usable on any device through responsive design and mobile app. Offline report collection with downstream synchronization possible.

Data migration

Professional transfer and evaluation of existing scouting data and match reports from the previous scouting tool.

Next Level Scouting

Bring your scouting activities to a new level.


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With SCOUTASTIC, you can efficiently organize not only professional scouting but also youth scouting. You can integrate data from third-party sources or intuitively create and input players, teams, competitions, and matches into the tool. The software also takes into account age group transitions after the season. With just a few clicks, you can determine which players should move up to the next youth team.

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Easily organize all potential new players in a list or on a virtual pitch with SCOUTASTIC. Be as flexible as possible! In the pitch view of SCOUTASTIC, you can duplicate players, display contract details, and make adjustments using drag and drop. To keep everything organized, you can use colors that can have individual meanings for each club.

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Scouting with data

With the extensive database for women’s football data from and all the features of SCOUTASTIC, we also make scouting in women’s football easier. Create watchlists, discover new talents, and write scouting reports. The editor allows you to easily add missing data for comprehensive data management. Switching between the men’s and women’s sections with just one click enables seamless collaboration between both scouting departments.

REST API for Data

Data science for women’s football is made possible through the REST API for data. Legally and structuredly access all data, as well as all platform content such as reports, notes, and watchlists for your own calculations and visualizations.

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REST API for Access to Transfermarkt Data

The only legal and structured way to utilize Transfermarkt data for scouting purposes. With our synchronization endpoints, you, as a data scientist, always have access to the most up-to-date data

Export of Platform Content

Business intelligence made easy: Through our highly configurable scouting platform, all content such as reports, notes, or shadow teams can be directly integrated into your company’s BI platform via the REST API. Permission management ensures that sensitive content is visible only to authorized user accounts.

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Professional Permission Management

Ticket orders, approval of schedules, content visibility, private data, and targeted sharing – with the diverse capabilities offered by SCOUTASTIC, you can optimize every club-specific workflow.

Scouting Calendar

An optimized calendar for all scouting use cases: You can filter by user groups, display ticket order statuses through color coding, and assign scouting tasks. Additionally, you can integrate the calendar into external calendar programs like Outlook using a link.

Ticket Management

SCOUTASTIC is the ideal platform for managing ticket orders. With different user roles, tickets can be requested, ordered, and approved. Email notifications remind users of their personal tasks, while predefined email templates facilitate the ordering process.

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Coach and Staff Scouting

Our software provides you with a powerful tool for coach and staff scouting. With this feature, you can search for talented coaches who perfectly fit the requirements of your football club. Filter based on various criteria such as experience, track record, playing style, and more. Find the ideal coach who can lead your team to success and effortlessly optimize your scouting processes. Easily organize your favorite coaches in watchlists and keep track of potential candidates.

Shadow Teams

With our Shadow Teams feature, we provide you with a unique insight into potential reinforcements for your team. This feature allows you to create speculative lineups and categorize comparable players within positions through color highlighting. This way, you can compare different players and formations to find the best possible team for every situation. Utilize Shadow Teams to make your transfer decisions based on solid data and analysis.

Comparable Players

SCOUTASTIC enables you to discover comparable players who resemble your current squad. Using advanced algorithms, we analyze extensive player data and identify players who share similarities in playing style, position, strengths, and weaknesses with your existing players. Identify potential reinforcements that seamlessly fit into your team and significantly improve your scouting efficiency. With our comparable players features, we ensure that your team is always in top form.

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At SCOUTASTIC, you have the ability to seamlessly integrate subjective impressions such as reports and evaluations with objective data. We understand that in addition to pure statistical data, personal observations and assessments play an important role in the scouting process. Our platform allows you to connect these subjective impressions with objective data to make a comprehensive evaluation.

You can capture individual reports and observations about players and coaches directly in our software and synchronize this information with existing data sources. By linking subjective impressions with objective data, you gain a holistic perspective and can make informed decisions. This allows you to maximize the value of data analysis and optimize your scouting results.

SCOUTASTIC provides you with the opportunity to combine subjective assessments and expert opinions with objective data sources. As a result, you can create a comprehensive picture of players and coaches, taking your scouting to a new level. Don’t rely solely on raw numbers but utilize the combination of subjective impressions and objective data to make the best decisions for your team.

Flexible Hosting

We offer flexible hosting that meets your individual requirements. Our cloud hosting solution complies with the strict regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the secure storage of your data. However, should you prefer an on-premise variant, we are also at your disposal. We adapt to your preferences and offer you the opportunity to choose the hosting environment according to your needs. You have control over your data and can select the hosting option that best suits your company.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, we offer you the ability to establish a centralized access management system for your organization. You can allow your employees to access our platform easily and securely with a single sign-on process. This not only simplifies the management of access rights but also enhances the security and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. With our SSO feature, you maintain full control over the access rights, ensuring a smooth workflow within your organization.

Seamless Data Migration

Our long-standing experience with various providers such as ISF, ISB, SAP Sports One, and Soccerlab enables us to carry out a smooth data migration. We understand the challenges that can come with switching software providers. Therefore, we ensure that the transition for you is as simple as possible. We assist you in the seamless transfer of your existing data into our software, so that you can immediately benefit from our advanced features.

Next Level Scouting

Bring your scouting activities to a new level.










The integration with the Transfermarkt API has helped us to build a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the players we serve. As a players’ association we are interested in understanding the whole player journey, from a single matchday to an entire career of transfers and accomplishments. The data we can access through this API provides us with many important parts of that story.

Nic DarlingDirector of Technology and Innovation // MLS Players Association

In addition to user-friendliness and modern design, we are thrilled with the service and customer friendliness. Furthermore, with SCOUTASTIC, we have found a partner that allows us to cover scouting as a central solution for both the youth and women’s divisions.

Stefan StuderHead of Recruitment Academy // 1. FC Union Berlin

SCOUTASTIC is the central platform for our planning and management of all scouting activities. The integrated data from the Transfermarkt database, the individual customizability and flexibility make SCOUTASTIC an enormous added value, also for us as an agency.

Riccardo PeciniManaging Director // Scouting Department

I really enjoyed working with the SCOUTASTIC tool during my time in Leeds. The flexibility of the tool and the good support made my work easier. Of course, it also helped us to have all the data, especially the integrated data in one place, so we always know which player is a good fit for us at the moment thanks to our position criteria.

Alberto CorderoFormer Head of Recruitment // Leeds United

It was important for us to create a new sustainable basis for our scouting activities. With SCOUTASTIC we are flexibly positioned for the future. We can bring together and analyse data from a wide range of sources in one place, and increasingly support the work of our scouts with new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Frank BaumannManaging Director Sports // SV Werder Bremen


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